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• Director Chris West • Creative Director Miral Kotb • Creative Director/Supervising Choreographer Cristina Benedetti • Videographer/Editor Brian Kelley • Choreography Madison Olandt & Derion Loman, Cristina Benedetti, Miral Kotb & Jordan Monson • Lighting Design Miral Kotb and Jordan Monson • Production Manager Chainey Harpe • Creative Consultants Mary Cebrian, Chainey Harpe • Hair/Make-Up Tre Major • Additional Footage and Editing Todd Schramke, Moon Ride Films • Special Thanks to Video Narrative

Thank you to Sonia Kotb, my angel, Magdy Kotb, my rock, Yasmine Kotb, my lifeline and Chainey Harpe, my everything. Much love and light to all my family, friends and the countless people who sent me so many loving messages, gifts and encouragement throughout the treatments. I could not have survived without all of your support.

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