About our Show 

iLuminate’s Live Show is coming to a city near you.

Come with us on an action filled journey of light and sound as we join a clique of 20- somethings who thrive to the beat of life in a city of glowing colors and heart-pounding musical tempos.

The town’s Cop is our narrator. He is a swift Bboy who keeps the peace with agile flips and grounded steps. Ali, our featured gal is a beautiful hip-hop dancer that is happiest among her dance community, especially Starlight, her BFF and ‘70s queen of funk. Hoping to impress Starlight is our man with the freshest musicality, Househead. He always has the crew’s back, so it’s not good to be on his bad side. Darius, a sly yet highly charged character, is Ali’s ex-boyfriend who (not so peacefully) tries to win back Ali’s heart.

Our hero Jacob is a shy, young artist with an out-of-this-world secret – a magical paintbrush with the ability to turn his artistic imaginings into living, breathing reality.

While he’d like nothing more than to lock himself in his apartment with his paintbrush and his easel, he’s somehow managed to find himself in love with Ali. While she loves him too, she often has to beg him to come out dancing.

Our story starts on the fateful night that Jacob finally follows Ali out clubbing. As feared, his dance moves fall flat, despite encouragement and direction from his group of friends. Poor Jacob takes to the sidelines, sullenly watching his love in the arms of better dancers than himself. Especially, Darius who is quite the show off.

In a moment of desperation, Jacob decides to use his magic paintbrush to create amazing Robots and a whimsically dancing Crony to win back his girlfriend’s attention. Big mistake.

While the friends cheer on Jacob’s impressive new tricks, Darius has eyes only for that paintbrush. He wants it and has no qualms about using violence and trickery to get his hands on it.

Before long, Jacob, Ali, and their gang of friends are in serious trouble. Darius’ every thought crawls into reality, bent on destruction and chaos. With magic and power on his side, Darius creates a special portal and takes Ali way with him into another world, securing the passage with a coded lock.

Jacob’s Robots try to crack the portal’s code but cannot figure it out. How will Ali be saved and the paintbrush be returned to Jacob?! Can YOU help us unlock the portal?

Our only chance lies in the hands of one willing audience member!

Music, art, and the technological magic of iLuminate bring you a story of adventure and romance conveyed by array of dance styles from contemporary to popping to breaking expressed through a glowing visual design. All this, perfectly choreographed to popular and classic music by artists like Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, James Brown, Janet Jackson, Chris Brown, LMFAO, The Wanted, and Sam Smith.

We invite you to join us at one of our tour stops for an original and wholly unforgettable theatrical show! Tickets are available through your tour locations local box office.