iLuminate Tours Central Asia

iLuminate is currently touring Central Asia! We just arrived in Kazakhstan after spending almost two weeks in Kyrgystan. While in Kyrgystan, we performed and taught master classes in Bishkek and Karakol, all of which, were truly amazing experiences! The people in Kyrgystan could not have been more accommodating and just ecstatic that we were there!


All of our performances were sold out and every master class was a huge success!! Founder, Miral Kotb, also spoke a universities, and appeared on local Kyrgystan television programs, alongside choreographers John “JRock” Nelson and Dario Mejia. We even had an opening act in Bishkek that blew us away! The act consisted of performances from the winners of Best Studio in Central Asia, a solo performance from the winner of Best Popper, Locker, and online video in Central Asia, and a performance from a group of dancers with physical challenges that was unbelievably inspirational! It was an honor to have these talented dancers open the show for us! The people in Kyrgystan love dance and they were truly amazed at everything about us! We received gifts, took pictures, signed autographs, and made many new friends that we will treasure forever! Just being allowed to come into someone else’s country and share what we love and be met with such wonderful enthusiasm is truly phenomenal! Some of our new friends even took us around the city to the beautiful national park, Ala Archa, many wonderful restaurants (the food is amazing!), local shopping, and some of the best spots for nightlife! We were sad to leave Kyrgystan, but we are excited to experience all that Kazakhstan has to offer!