iLuminate News – Halloween, New World Stages Rumors, & More

Happy Halloween!

If you’re subscribed to our newsletter (and if you’re not, chop chop, sign up here.  It’s the best place to stay up-to-date on iLumiante News.), you already know there have been massive things happening over here at iLuminate – not least of which is this swanky new website.

If you’ve already had a poke around, you’ve seen the sleek new visual style and gotten a deeper look into the story behind our show.  Be sure to check back regularly, more and more will be going up on the site over the coming months.

(But wait!  There’s more…)

Here’s a quick drive-by of the biggest changes going on with your favorite dance show as of right now:

Leaving New World:

Yes, it’s true.  They say all good things must come to an end, but we like to think of it as more of an evolution than an ending.  That said, our first long-term relationship with New World Stages will be coming to an end on January 18th, freeing us up to have some exotic international flings with cities like Paris, France.

Now, this doesn’t mean we’ve left New York for good.  We just need some space to find ourselves, you know?  Spread the light around the world. etc. etc.

Stay tuned for official announcements on the whens and wheres!

Turn Up the Music:

While our show always really shone at the end, when the cast performed its jaw-dropping routine to our single Light it Up, we always had it in the backs of our minds to beef up the opening scene.

So, on October 8, 2014, we premiered an all-new, basketball-centric opening number choreographed around Chris Brown’s hit song Turn Up the Music.  

And, while we were choreographing and electrifying anyway, we added some new, improved bits and pieces throughout the show as well.  You’ll have to come see it to experience just what we mean.

Community & Fans:

We’ve been feeling social lately.  That’s why you might have caught us out and about at events like MakerCon, WeDay, and Comic Con NYC.

You might also see us around the internet a little more than usual too.  It’s because we love you guys and we want to interact with you!  Be sure to look for us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – and always let us know what you think of what we’re up to!

Halloween 2014 – Costume Contest:

resultSo, here’s the deal.  We dress up every night of the year for you guys.  We want you to dress up for us!

Come spend Halloween with us!  There will be treats for everyone, and special gifts for the best dressed audience members.

We’ll see you there!