iLuminate News – Game Workshop


A young boy steps up to test the new portal game!

Have you heard the news?

iLuminate is getting personal this summer. It’s true!

In our show (as you may know) Darius uses the magic paintbrush to create a portal that leads to another world. Darius takes Ali into his Lair and locks the portal with a special code, leaving Jacob (her boyfriend) and her friends behind. Outside of the portal the Robots attempt to solve the code but can’t figure it out. How will they rescue Ali? They turn to the audience…


A talented little girl tries to unlock the portal in the final round of the game.

The fate of our story depends on one willing audience member to solve the puzzle!

Adding the game scene is meant to create an exclusive connection to the story as well as between the lucky game-player and audience. To test the idea, we held a public workshop for families at our office in Brooklyn, NY.

Boys and girls ranging in age from 6-12 listen as Miral explains, “The goal is to light up the portal by passing each round”.

A 6 year old boy is the first to try. He finds a steady rhythm with the game by watching and responding to the lighting sequences in equal measure.

“I like the sound and how it lights up,” said a girl, age 11. The game makes distinct noises for “correct” and “incorrect”. And if you lose, you can restart the game. The room begins cheering with support like people do on game shows. The kids keep lining up to play again and again. “I love remembering,” a girl says.


Our technician, Bob, teaches kids how we control the lights on our masks.

After a few rotations, the attendees get a tour of our studio. Our technician, Bob, explains how the light suits work and lets the kids try on some of our character masks. Then, Miral talks about the show’s plot and company member, Alessandra explains what it’s like to dance in a light suit in the dark.

We’re thankful for everyone for their participation! We had fun and we hope you did, too. Now in rehearsal, we can focus on choreographing how the characters interact on stage as they set up the game scene.