iLuminate News – Domestic Mini Tour


Hey, America. We’ve missed you! We returned safely from Hong Kong and a few weeks later, iLuminate hit the country roads. For 6 days we got cozy in a mini tour bus and premiered Artist of Light in our first Domestic Tour.


All aboard the tour bus!

DAY 1: Cast and crew arrived in Ouachita, Arkansas. It was around lunch time when we retrieved our baggage and met our driver, Joseph. En route to the hotel we passed by a Cracker Barrel. For those of us who are familiar with the country chain restaurant we voted a unanimous, “YES” to stop and eat ‘cause we can’t find that in New York City!

DAY 2: The crew arrived at the theater first to get the technology, props and wardrobe ready. Dancers arrived mid-morning to rehearse, prep the stage and run the show before opening night. As it goes when there is much to do and in a new environment, everything took a little longer to complete. It felt like we were racing the clock all day long. We finally left the stage just an hour before show time. Just enough time to eat and jump into our light suits! It had been since we closed at New World Stages earlier this year that Artist of Light performed in the States. When the curtain rose, the audience roared! What a fantastic welcome back. Our adrenaline sustained throughout the show and it was great to hear the audiences’ support.

DAY 3: An early departure sent us Kentucky bound. On the way we made a scenic stop in Mineral Springs, Arkansas where there is a natural hot spring and National Park. We continued our journey (a little behind schedule) and had dinner on the outskirts of Nashville, TN. During the drive, most people dozed in and out of sleep and listened to music, which at times was loud enough for the whole bus to listen. Naturally, we had a dance party—in our seats of course.


Family photo out of suit!

DAY 4: By midday both cast and crew were at the theater in Bowling Green doing regular preparations. With all the variables at bay, technically and physically speaking, this was our smoothest show. The facility was really nice and comfortable, with a house of over 1,000 seats. It was packed with fans AND familiar faces—some of our family members made it!

DAY 5: Next destination: Benton Harbor, Michigan. We decided not to make any pitstops during this travel day because we were tired of being on the bus. We made it to our hotel by late afternoon and organized to have dinner together in downtown Benton Harbor. We were celebrating our T1’s (Bryan Longchamp) 25th birthday!

DAY 6: The last day was bittersweet, ending too soon. We were happy to have Miral meet us here to do some promotional events and watch our final performance. During the post-show photo op many audience members said they’d been following iLuminate since America’s Got Talent. It was so nice to meet the young kids, parents and dancers from around the country.

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