Sold Out!

We are selling out almost every Artist of Light show now. The front row of the audience is basically on the stage with us, but we love the energy! There’s only a little over a week of shows left, so get your tickets now ! Adrienne on 2012/12/27 13:01:57.

Secret Santa

The cast and crew had Secret Santa and a Christmas Party on the Saturday before Christmas! We all loved our presents and had a wonderful time celebrating the holiday with each other and eating good food between our shows. Happy holidays everyone! Adrienne on 2012/12/26 12:52:35.

iLuminate Together Again

Today we had the amazing opportunity of performing for our iLuminate family! Several of our dancers, techs, and wardrobe from our traveling teams came to see our matinee. It was such a pleasure to perform for them and have their support in the audience! We also felt the pressure, because our family are our hardest critics. However, they all loved …

Billboard in Times Square

We are all very excited about the new billboard we have up in Times Square! It is right above our theatre and advertises iLuminate, as well as Artist of Light. With the enormous volume of traffic that passes by it daily, it is a wonderful way to advertise for our company and our off Broadway show! Make a trip to …

iLuminate on the Wendy Williams Show

Performing on The Wendy Williams Show was a fabulous experience from start to finish! The crew was superbly professional and polite. We felt like superstars from the minute we walked in the door. Wendy loved us and we loved her! “Watching it backstage I just felt immense pride for this amazing team of dancers, technicians, costumers, marketers and our fantastic …