Original Music for Artist of Light

iLuminate strives to be original in everything we do, and our music for the show is no different. That’s why we are so excited to be working with two very talented people who have worked with some of the top acts in the music business to curate original composition and music that will complement our script and take the audience on the exciting journey that is Artist of Light.

Music Director King Kanobby has worked with people as diverse as Far East Movement, John Legend, and the legendary Quincy Jones. Among his many credits, he provided the musical score for Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa’s “Mac and Devin Go to High School.”

Composer Christopher Tignor’s work as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and interactive software engineer is best known through his releases with his bands Slow Six, Wires.Under.Tension, and under his own name across six LP’s and numerous compilations on the Western Vinyl and New Albion labels. As a touring musician, orchestral arranger, and Avant composer, Tignor has played venues as diverse as Carnegie Hall and the Mercury Lounge.

Music is so imperative to our shows. Without any written dialogue, we must rely on music, movement, and the light technology to help share a compelling story with the audience. The music sets the tone for the show and helps bring out an emotional response from the audience, all without one spoken word or even the benefit of seeing the performers’ faces. Since iLuminate uses dancers who specialize in every kind of dance from hip hop to contemporary to Bboys, our musical team must create music that complements each dancer’s talent. Learn how Kanobby creates an original piece of music:

“Miral and the team, they know the feel and the vibe that they want to create for different pieces in the show. They might give me a reference and then I pull things that I like at home and then when I get to rehearsal and see the motions of dancers, it allows me to not only tweak the song but tailor it for each character. Every piece of music that’s been delivered for Artist of Light is unique to the show and the characters.”

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes posts, pictures and insight into the production behind our New York City show. We hope that you’ll come out this November to the Duke Theatre.

I speak for myself and the whole iLuminate team when I thank you, as always, for your continued support!

Miral Kotb on 2012/10/17 12:00:00.