iLuminate to Guest Perform on America’s Got Talent

We are so excited to announce that we will be on America’s Got Talent tonight, September 4th!

We’ll be performing a snippet of our Off Broadway show, Artist of Light, on the show’s eliminations episode. We’ve been rehearsing non-stop for the past week, putting together a 2.5 minute compilation of our favorite parts of Artist of Light that will blow you away! Some of us competed on the show and are excited to show the newbies the ropes around AGT. Thank you for inviting us!!!

iLuminate Founder and Artist of Light Creative Director Miral Kotb, says: “It is an honor to be invited by AGT to perform as guests, giving America a peek at what iLuminate has been up to over the past 2 years. We know not all of our fans can travel to see our shows, so it is exciting to bring this to their home.”

“It is a humbling moment for how much work we put into what we love. Thank goodness for Karma ;)”
— Dario Mejia

“I’m so excited to see this journey come full circle! One day we were competing and discovering this new art form in front of millions. Now we are coming back to as SPECIAL GUEST performers!? This is a dream come true!! Can’t wait to show the world how far we’ve come!”
— JRock Nelson

Adrienne Hicks on 2013/09/04 08:00:00.