iLuminate News – Hong Kong


Hong Kong city lights

After three fantastic months in Malaysia, we returned to Asia for a new residency with Artist of Light. HELLO, Hong Kong!

We had a welcoming set up on the mainland of Hong Kong overlooking the Victoria Harbor; just a short  ride away from our hosting venue: the Kwai Tsing Theater where we performed three—sold-out—shows!

Hong Kong was a new experience for everyone involved with Artist of Light because it was a very short  residency compared to the other runs. This meant adjusting to a new stage and theater as well as making  our set transportable and able to break-down. After the crew got our technology working and assembled  our set, we hit the stage for several hours of rehearsal. The cast and crew support each other 100% to make  our productions fun and successful and it simply couldn’t work any other way.


Lisa L-Boogie leading a dance class

Each night, the theater was filled with eager fans and we could really feel their energy. [P.S. we really  needed it to battle our jet lag] The louder and more interactive an audience is with us, the better.

Dance captain, L-Boogie and a few cast members had a Q&A session and taught a dance class for a pre-  show event. The people filled our stage and the dancers taught them some of the show’s choreography,  then showed them how to make a cypher. [A street dance practice where everyone makes a circle and each  person takes a turn dancing in the center] There were some brave souls who went in the center and had all  the participants smiling and dancing along! We were hyped up for the performance that night.


Mr. Ng and family backstage!

Post-show the cast had a really memorable meet and greet. Mr. Ng and his family are iLuminate fans from  Hong Kong. His son, David, contacted us through our Facebook page and explained that Mr. Ng is ill with an aggressive form of brain cancer; they were unsure if he would be able to make it to the theater. This experience was particularly touching because two members of the iLuminate team have had personal experiences with brain cancer. So as we considered, we planned to FaceTime Mr. Ng after that night’s performance. But, fortunately, he got permission from his doctors to attend the show. Beyond that, we got to meet them and take a group picture. We felt very humbled to have performed for the Ng family that night.

Despite our jam-packed week of work, we found time to explore Hong Kong! Most of us were first-timers. iLuminate members went to The Peak, the Space Museum, saw the Symphony of Lights, found shopping, enjoyed the nightlife of Lan Fwai Fong, drank Chinese tea, ate dim sum… and used the rooftop pool and sun deck!
…Until next time, Asia. Thanks for a great residency!