iLuminate News – Holiday Edition!

iLuminate backstage at the Queen Latifah Show

Oh, it’s that time of year again.  Earlier nights, colder days, and the ever-present glow of holiday lights from one corner of the US to the other really sets the tone for the season.

On our part, we’re making sure we see as much of NYC in the spirit of the holidays as we can, so if you live in the Big Apple, keep an eye out for us appearing here and there for surprise pop-up performances and maybe handing out special deals to come see the show before we head abroad!

Now onto the good stuff.  Did you catch us on the Queen Latifah show earlier this month?  If not, be sure to check out the segment here.  We’re really proud of the performers for making the routine and the tech look dazzling and of Miral for impressing Latifah enough to get an on-air invite back!

Speaking of Miral, if you missed her AMA on Reddit last month, you can read it here.  She had a great time answering questions from the fans.

We’ve been making waves on both coasts.  While one team was in Los Angeles with Queen Latifah, another was here in NYC, taking the stage with superstar Idina Menzel for the Bloomingdale’s holiday window unveiling.  We performed a 20-minute segment including an homage to Michael Jackson and a sneak peek of our off-Broadway show to a massive crowd of holiday enthusiasts, and we stuck around afterward for the free cookies and hot chocolate Bloomingdale’s so sweetly provided for its fans.

On stage at the 2014 Bloomingdale’s holiday window unveiling

With everything going on, it’s hard to believe we only have about a month left at New World Stages performing “Artist of Light.”  If you want to see the show before we go, you’d better hurry!  Tickets are going fast!

On the horizon, we hope to appear in multiple cities around the world, spreading our light and our special blend of eye candy as far and wide as possible.  Will we come to your city?  Keep an eye out to find out first, and make sure you’re on our mailing list if you want the real cutting-edge news as soon as we make it public.

So, before we tumble head-first into holiday madness, we wanted to make sure our fans were up to speed with all of our goings-on.  We hope to see you at the theater in the final days of our show and if not, keep an eye out for us.  We just might be coming to a city near you.