Miral Kotb

(Director, Producer, Choreographer, Playwright). While pursuing her degree in computer science at Columbia University, Kotb, a native of Houston, TX, also studied dance at Barnard College.  After graduation, she landed a gig as a software engineer at Bloomberg, LP, where she worked for seven years.  In 2009, while attending an Apple conference, the initial idea behind iLuminate emerged: the ability to wirelessly control lights on dancers’ bodies from the palm of your hand.  When producers from America’s Got Talent came calling, iLuminate Productions was already formed.  In the summer of 2011, America chose the dance-in-the-dark sensation as one of the top finalists on the show.  Since then, Kotb’s unprecedented technology, programming, and artistic direction have catapulted iLuminate into a phenomenon that mesmerizes audiences across the globe.